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The Live Stock Shop

Welcome to The Bull Artist's Live Stock Shop. Home to a unique range of Lifestyle Products and personal accessories designed to get chins wagging and gums flapping.

All products featured are bespoke, limited edition lines, designed with love and made here in Australia. They are created with the best of intentions, but please understand 

imperfections may be present as each item is 'human handled' and not mass produced. What you buy is an authentic labour of love straight out of an artist's studio and into your home.

Sam The Ringer - Original Images.jpg

"Sam The Ringer"

The Inaugural Collection

A 'Ringer' is a stockworker on an Australian cattle station and 'Sam' (see photo image) is 'The Ringer' featured in Katrina Goldsworthy's first Lifestyle Products collection.

Katrina has known Sam since he was born. His family own Huntly Droughtmasters, one of the first droughtmaster studs in Queensland.

Sam The Ringer - Graphic Images.jpg
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