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Wet Paintbrushes



"Custom art is a piece of my heart,

translated from my brush to your home"


Commissioned art is very personal. The process is different, the love is stronger,

the outcome is always unique. Because of these things, each commission is quoted on a case by case basis and requires a consultation to determine shape, size, style and most importantly subject matter.

Pencil and/or ink works start at $250 for A4 and painted works start from $1800 for A2 - subject matter dependent.

The hours spent to create a piece of custom art for your home will be many, but the result will last a lifetime. Art is an investment into countless years of joy for which many say is truly priceless. 

The best way to start is by simply answering this question!

What can The Bull Artist create for you??

Use the contact form below to reach out and start a conversation. The very least that will happen is you'll make a friend.

Contact Katrina

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