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Katrina Goldsworthy


About The Bull Artist

At some point in our lives, we all have adversities we must overcome. For me, the hardships weren’t shy - they came knocking on my door, trying to force my hand, but instead I channelled them into inspiration and they have since influenced both my work as an artist and outlook on life as a person.

Surviving the beef depression, losing my son to Leukaemia, being a spokesperson representing the community in a State Government Enquiry, relocating with my husband from Emerald to the big smoke of Brisbane with our three young daughters to start a new career and lifestyle, surviving breast cancer and more recently overcoming serious heart problems and a brush with bowel cancer, are just some of the adversities I speak of.


These experiences have enabled me to take up public speaking and discover a true passion for art. It is through this art, I can express my love of the outback, voice my survival instincts and nurture that artistic calling. 

A No-Bull Approach

"Home is where the heart is" and that's where the source of all my paintings begin. This being the 'home page' of my website, I felt that there is no better place to explain what makes me tick.

Having travelled the world there is no place like home: "Australia - My Country".

Our land has it all from blue sky, freedom, lack of people, wide open spaces, security, breadth of vision and every geographical feature that the rest of the world can offer and more. To be precise, I believe we live our own heaven here in Australia.

I try to instill in all my paintings the warmth, energy and movement that my country offers without reservation. All the mediums I use help me push the boundaries to create the effects I achieve.

Leather is a wonderful medium to paint on,
Denim, suede and cotton create wonderful textures to superimpose,
Stitching on the machine gives a great third dimensional feeling.

The resourcefulness of Australians and our land constantly keeps me inspired to report the heart throb of my home.

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