crazy cow lady.jpg

At some point in our lives, we all have adversities we must overcome. For me, the hardships weren’t shy - they came knocking on my door, trying to force my hand, but instead I channelled them into inspiration and they have since influenced both my work as an artist and outlook on life as a person.

Surviving the beef depression, losing my son to Leukaemia, being a spokesperson representing the community in a State Government Enquiry, relocating with my husband from Emerald to the big smoke of Brisbane with our three young daughters to start a new career and lifestyle, surviving breast cancer and more recently overcoming serious heart problems and a brush with bowel cancer, are just some of the adversities I speak of.

These experiences have enabled me to take up public speaking and discover a true passion for art. It is through this art, I can express my love of the outback, voice my survival instincts and nurture that artistic calling.